Why do some events and meetings run better than others?  It is all in the detail.  Thorough planning equals a successful outcome. 

U Expansion specializes in thorough planning to deliver connectivity between message, educational programs and attendees.   The planning process is streamlined to meet learning and business objectives. We work beside you, providing: 

·         Measurable learning objectives with educational programs
·         Accurate ROI reports for your sponsors and client
·         International keynote speakers and entertainment selection
·         International content experts for concurrent sessions
·         Continuity between learning objectives and event/meeting theme
·         Marketing material for each educational program and presenter
·         Complete on-site assistance and coordination
·         Venue and destination selection
·         Themed event
·         Logistic management
·         Concierge service 
Our goal is to ensure you're satisfied from the beginning to end. We want you to be glad that you selected U Expansion as your meeting business partner.  Like speakers and educators, meeting planners only get one chance to theme and deliver your message successfully.