Why U Expansion? 
We focus on competencies at every level.    

When employee capabilities match business strategies the labor force contributes to the success of the business.

We master organizational development by crisscrossing business strategies to corporate education.

We are a resource and extension to your success.

Our services include:   
  • Programs We develop and increase competency levels of individuals by shrinking the gaps between where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow.  Our programs use our outside-in approach to connect learning objectives with business objectives. 
  • Consulting  We extract full value as the outside business partner by addressing business challenges and strategizing business objectives with decision makers.  Then we clearly communicate those objectives to all involved.  We believe miscommunication, conflicting priorities, and dysfunctional behaviors occur without these two key steps.
  • Event Support We remove the extra headaches that go along with event planning.  Let us worry about how the learning objectives are met.  Let us worry about how the event will demonstrate its return.  And let us worry about the safety and security of your attendees.
U Expansion is dedicated to your satisfaction.

I give my word that we won't commit to something we can't deliver.


      Joanne Corby, President

For more information about our services

contact Joanne at 321-537-5191